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Press Release

Shumee goes shopping. Let’s shumee.

The new face of

This week our website went through a small change :) It’s all due to new ideas and projects that we are currently developing at shumee. We had to emphasize the main feature of shumee, put our blog posts in a more visible place and most importantly add a new section for partners...

Smartphones – new addiction? Ask the youth!

Mobile phones, or should I say, smartphones are used for almost everything now… To communicate with your friends, checking weather, navigating in the city, counting calories, finding new places to have dinner. But you have to be careful! Drugs and alcohol are not the only things that can get you hooked. ...

Follow interesting people on shumee

What’s shuming at shumee? We are shuming about things that our users are currently talking about :) “Which top best matches black jeans, what is the hottest lipstick of this summer”… These are only a few of the things that our users recently talked about.You can see recommendations of people who you follow on the main screen of the app (and on the web version)… So the way your...

Press Release

Start creating your own shumee-buzz and see what others think- shumee…

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Streetwearowe wdzianko dla pupila ! 🐩 Ocieplane kombinezony Supreme, znajdziecie u Psiowe Love! 😍 #fordogs #dogsaccesories #puppy #winterpuppy #psiowelove #supreme
Przypominamy, że już niedługo święta naszych kochanych babć i dziadków!👵🏼👴🏻 Warto przygotować już teraz prezenty na tą okazję!😍 To propozycja dla babć od marki @monestatelier , która jest dostępna na shumee! Za ten prezent...
Jak tam noworoczne postanowienia? 😎 Podobno w fajnych ciuszkach od razu lepiej się ćwiczy!🧘🏻‍♀️ Top od @olimp_sport_nutrition dostępny jest u nas za 50zł💸 Oprócz tego na stronie w zakładce „ze Zniżką” znajdziecie...
Koszule flanelowe zawsze na topie!🔝 Zgadzacie się? 59zł💸 #menlook #outfit #photoshoot #model #shopping #zakupywsieci #dobracena #shumee #ecommerce #marketplace
49zł za krótkie spodenki @levis ?🙀🙉 Zapraszam na shumee! #levisjeans #levisshorts #levis #lovedenim #forgirl #stylish #stylizacje #outfit #dobracena #wyprzedazszafy
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