About us


www.shumee.pl is a shopping platform that integrates a wide range of many sellers and gives the opportunity to recommend products.

Shumee provides sellers with the simplest billing model on the market, based only on a 5% commission for sales, a simple process of displaying products and downloading xml files with products.

Additionally, by using the delivery price list, sellers can define the form and costs of delivery, determine the parameters of free shipping, display products in various sizes and conduct sales.

Buyers can use secure payment methods and full website mobility - shumee is available in the form of a responsive website (RWD) and mobile applications.

Security of purchases is enhanced by a special Buyer Protection Program and seller verification process.

Shumee provides a wide range of over 300,000 products issued by nearly 250 companies and several hundred individual sellers. On the platform you can find many products not available in other places on the web, at the best prices. The most popular categories are: clothing, footwear, products for children, home and garden equipment, health and beauty, electronics and household appliances.

shumee S.A.
ul. Piotrkowska 122 lok. 6, 90-006 Łódź
+48 514 760 716