Smartphones – new addiction? Ask the youth!

Mobile phones, or should I say, smartphones are used for almost everything now… To communicate with your friends, checking weather, navigating in the city, counting calories, finding new places to have dinner. But you have to be careful!

Drugs and alcohol are not the only things that can get you hooked. These days people are addicted to their phones, the internet or video games. These are some of the things that were discussed between a group of experts and students during the “new threats – new challenges” project.

You can watch a video summary on TV Toya’s website.

While the experts and students were debating, an audience was able to participate and express their opinions via shumee.

These are the results of the poll on shumee.

“Do you use your phone during a bus journey?”

“Do you respond to messages (SMS or messenger) in less than an hour?”

“Do you check your phone straight after waking up?”