How to start?


Starting sales on shumee is less than 15 minutes of work.

It is enough that:

you register and verify your account, enter products one by one or upload your XML file in the Ceneo standard or provide a link to it.

To register, click the red "Sell" button at the top and choose a business or private account.

Verifications will also go through clicking on the "Sell" button, information about the necessity of verification will open on the sales sub-page.

Follow the steps described.

While waiting for verification, you can start importing products.

To do this, go to the "My sales" tab and select the cyclic import, the products wiil be updated automatically.

You can find more details about importing in our guide, which you can download here.

Finished! Your products have just become available to thousands of shumee Users.

If at any stage you encounter problems, please contact us at: We will certainly help.

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