Start creating your own shumee-buzz and see what others think- shumee…

What do we give?

Shumee is the social network where anyone can ‘shumee’ i.e.  express their opinion, cast a vote or ask friends and another community about their opinion.

This is a unique eco-system which assists users in exchanging  their opinions, probing into others’ ways of thinking and in making thoughtful and rational decisions. Shumee offers a possibility of expressing oneself; it allows freely ‘shumeeing’.

Shumee gives freedom. It is the first project that shows that the free world of discussions and unfettered decisions is possible – without adverts, sponsoring and classical marketing,  basing exclusively on recommendations of friends and on the so-called  crowdsourcing i.e. on opinions held by the users of the social network. The recommendation given in the model of human to human is the power and worth of Shumee.

Shumee also allows confronting opinions. It provides balance and allows presentations of various points of view through getting to know opinions of others. It does not use complicated algorithms and it does not restrict the user to an information bubble  of the  subjects that their friends like. The Shumee users may taste diversities and as consequence  may use more common sense. Thanks to engagement of the users, Shumee also  offers  an opportunity to pick up false information.

Shumee wants to change the reality. The Shumee users may promote valuable ideas, venues, events and products and on the other hand may reveal stupidity, inanity, deceit and kitsch.

Shume may be helpful when choosing a colour of the lipstick, seeking an ideal place for supper, reviewing  the latest film and to finish with: expressing an opinion in the discussion on the issue of accepting immigrants in Poland.

The simple binary rating system, which is fresh and modern, and the absence of advertisements are just a few of the things that set Shumee apart. To begin with, Shumee offers a few simple functionalities:

• Vote – take part in interesting discussions – be active and express your opinion, get to know people and see what they think,

• Ask the Shumee community or selected members about their opinions on any subject using the VOTE,

• Recommend your favourite events, venues and products – the Shumee community will benefit from your recommendations,

• Use #hashtags  to easily reach content you are interested in and to attract a group of Followers interested in what you want to say.

For whom?

Shumee wants to meet needs of the generation of social media users. It is an ideal solution for those willing to take part in the Internet discussions and search for some tools to make rational decisions.

For companies and brands, Shumee is an opportunity for open, bold communication with Customers and to use the power of recommendations to promote their products and services. The Shumee rating will be, however,  not determined by the advertising budget, but by the intensity of interactions and opinions of users.

Customers trust friends and  authorities more than brands. That is why, it is time for companies to build relationships with customers at a different level. Currently, we are witnessing a strong trend towards increasing brand presence in the social media that Shumee intends to take advantage of.

The power of social media
As the  Internet and smartphone adoption increases, more and more people actively use social media (SM). In Poland it totals more than 20 million people.
In Poland and in the world around, there are dominant SM brands. However, examples of newer, dynamically developing projects show that there is a gap for new players and the market is not closed.

What determines the power of social media?
The social media phenomenon is rooted in meeting  human needs. In the age of increasing digitization of life and  chronic shortage of time  we still want to:

• belong to a group,

• find people who think alike,

• challenge stereotypes,

• feel that our opinion matters and that we influence things,

• build our self-esteem and feel important by expressing our attitude.

Shumee fits into these needs.

Power of recommendation

In their decisions people take into consideration recommendations of friends and authorities.

• 85% of Poles recommend products and services to people they know

• 78% of consumers take opinions of their friends before buying a new product

• 65% trust their friends and respect their opinions

Shumee starts to shumee…. In next scene it will give an opportunity to sell products in the framework of extending networking profiles while promoting an idea of social shopping based on recommendations of friends and communities; taking care at the same time to make sale of a product simple as publication of the Vote or Recommend.

The entire solution is prepared in the form of mobile and RWD Technologies.