Shumee goes shopping. Let’s shumee.

The shumee platform has opened up a possibility of shopping based on users’ recommendations. Shumee offers an opportunity to buyers and sellers, individuals and small businesses to sell easily and not to overpay.

A new version of the shumee application enriched with a marketplace module is available in shops of Google Play and Appstore. So far, the shumee platform has offered only social media functions such as recommending, voting for products, services, venues and events and also seeking opinions among friends. Now, it has started modern e-commerce.

- 78% of us trust opinions of friends* - Szymon Midera, CEO of Shumee, is saying. -shumee as the social shopping platform helps making more rational decisions just basing on friends’ recommendations. Additionally, shumee allows for fast and easy shopping also among individual users taking advantage of an easy application and all the electronic payment forms with a delivery form option. Shumee is an ideal place to get rid of old things from your wardrobe or to hold the so called garage sale. But it is also the place for micro-businesses which want to increase their on-line sale – Midera is adding.

Now, in the shumee application you may buy and sell quickly and easily basing on friends’ and community’s recommendations. Here, you will find users’ recommendations and opinions, you will offer things for sale, seek new and second-hand things for yourself and you will also take advantage of discounts given by shumee’s partners.

Why to sell on shumee?

Shumee’s offers to sellers
Businesses gain a new place to develop their sale thanks to shumee basing on the simplest model of financial settlement -only 3% commission on sale. In exchange for this, they can take advantage of social media power, encourage clients to recommend their goods; this, by using the recommendation programme (

Individual sellers -people who e.g. want to get rid of unwanted but usable things in good condition from their wardrobe or through the so-called garage sale, easily and quickly offer their products in the application. Just one minute is enough.
Shumee also offers to businesses the recommendation programme ‘shumee and have’ due to which loyal customers may be awarded for recommendations and the reliable coverage for a brand in social media may be built. Any business may offer discount codes through shumee in return for spreading information about products/services/promotions of the brand among friends in social media. A simple mechanism of publishing contents from shumee related to the use of proper #hashtags allow the information to spread within the contact network. You may read more about the programme of‘shumee and have’ on 

Shumee’s offers to buyers
When shopping on shumee you may make your decisions having become familiar with reliable recommendations given by friends and the community and not only with advertisement communications. The shopping process is short and friendly. The Buyer may choose from the modern methods of payment and delivery (chosen earlier by the seller).

Additionally, you may take advantage of discount codes offered by shumee’s partners. If the user is satisfied with the product or service, they recommend them on shumee and make them available in other social media, and they receive a discount code as an expression of gratitude for spreading the information.

For the time being, the new version is available in the form of application. Within two weeks the new version of the www website will be operating with a full function of selling and buying.

*Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey, Qt2015