Smart rhythm

The shumee shopping platform is taking off. Till the end of the year shumee wants to attract 100,000 users.

Building the community and promoting recommendations made by real people, shumee assists users in coming to sensible decisions.
-As consumers we don’t trust any more advertisements so much but nearly 80% of us believe other people when making shopping decisions. Having this in mind, we have created shumee- the shumee boss, Szymon Midera, is saying. We give users some freedom to exchange opinions, to recommend something and to obtain opinions from other users. Additionally, in co-operation with dotpay company, we offer a modern payment system operating both in B2C transactions as well as in C2C ones, Midera is adding.

After a few months of work on the solution, shumee is being launched as a shopping platform based on recommendations of the community, promoting styles of shopping and life consistent with the smart idea, focusing mainly on building an organic coverage in cooperation with influencers and shumee’s partners. They are the first group of active sellers. Within two weeks, shumee has been filled with 1,000 new and second-hand things. And building the coverage of over one million recipients of communications about sale on shumee means systematic attraction of a few hundred users of the application every day.

The number of businesses offering their products on shumee is also growing e.g. of handicraft or individual collections of clothes. And soon new creators and producers of exceptional things will join the group of sellers.
So far 30 thousand people have used the shumee’s website and application. The number of votes and comments i.e. shumees reached 70 thousand.

sell. buy. recommend.

The action of building shumee coverage through activities of users is accompanied by supportive marketing activities prepared in cooperation with the agency, Sales and More. Shumee focuses on simple on-line communication building brand-awareness.

Shumee lives in ‘smart’ rhythm

As the platform that connects shopping with the community, shumee wants to develop in the direction of promoting and supporting lifestyle consistent with the ‘smart’ idea.
The ‘smart’ idea is understood here not only as a day-to-day application of modern technologies but most of all as reaching life and shopping decisions based on recommendations made by friends and shumee communities, as sharing experience and heading for minimalism and finally as life full of passion, in agreement with the nature.

  • SNEAKY IDEAS – We seek solutions that will help to improve our quality of life. We draw inspiration from the community. And through this we make better decisions. We promote goods and services from proven local producers and creators.
  • MORE DOESN’T MEAN BETTER – we show that it is worth caring for the environment, not littering it with unwanted things, looking for wise and rational solutions, promoting quality and deliberate decisions.
  • AUTHENTICITY – in the world being snowed under with lots of communications we care for opinions of real people, creators and manufacturers. We believe that life becomes fuller, healthier and more joyful when you consider reliable recommendations made especially by authority figures.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS – we promote opinions and recommendations offered by the shumee community. Their aim is to help come to sensible and deliberate decisions. Due to this, we support the process of searching for indispensable harmony and balance in what we do.
  • TRUE JOYS – we show that it is worth being surrounded by beautiful things and choosing healthy products. We discover passions. We inspire our Users to share interests with friends, family and community to derive pleasure from it and to taste life.

Shumee e-commerce wants mainly to develop among four main categories:

  • People (art, fashion, second-hand things, books, music, games)
  • Nature (plants, goods for animals, natural cosmetics, healthy food)
  • Home (handicraft, design, interiors, equipment, accessories)
  • Places (local food, regional products, rest)

You may read more why it is worth using shumee on the website.